Progenitor Series

A small series from which I came. From top to bottom;

progenitor 1

progenitor 2

progenitor 3

A Child's Bracelet

Two paintings of a child's bracelet. From top to bottom;

Bracelet 2

Bracelet 1

My Godfather and Moose

These are two miscellaneous paintings from my Intermediate Painting Class.

The top painting is titled Knutson and is a portrait of my godfather.

The bottom painting is titled Moose and is my dog.

The Panty Series

Various paintings of my panties, with the most recent addition at the top.
From the bottom up the titles are as follows;

1677 Sacramento Street


Plumeria Lane

Vigilante Pantie


The first image is titled Child's Ring
The second image is titled Kelsey