Murl Barthold

Today Will and I went on a walk that took us through a beautiful park, to the locally famous Ben's Chili Bowl (delicious), and ended at an antique store that was going out of business. When Will and I lived in Portland we were fortunate to find a photo of an anthropomorphic dog climbing a fence and a print of a terribly painted white cat floating over an oddly dimensioned rug, both of which I loved for their strange and earnest characteristics. When moving away from Portland I had no room for the floating cat, and it was left behind. I had since been on the look out for another beautifully strange cat to hang in my (non existent yet) New York apartment.

Today was my lucky day.

Vampire Cat Licking Paw (my title, there was none on the original work of art)
By Murl Barthold, Graphite on Paper, Date: 1900

I can't find any information about the artist Murl Barthold. This work was made 3 years after Bram Stoker's novel Dracula was published. I like to imagine that this Victorian artist was influenced by the growing vampire trend when creating this fanged cat.

I also found an old butterfly: Euphaedra eberti Africa.


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