Summer A

So far my Summer travels in SoCal have been busy and full of moving around. Today I was lucky to spend my time with a dear friend who needed to study, because I got to have a relaxing little art study day.
I read some essays from PAINTING, part of the Whitechapel Gallery series Documents of Contemporary Art.

I really liked this paragraph from the Rubinstein essay:
"Of course, the Supports/Surfaces artists were not the only group in the 1960s with ambitions to return art to its essentials, yet their approach was notable for avoiding the dehumanized constructivism of Minimalism as well as Arte Povera's no less provocative emphasis on lowly materials. The Supports/Surfaces artists' work is always distinguished by its emphasis on touch, its clear status as the product of human hands." 84//

Claude Viallat, Sans Titre #116 acrylic on fabric montage, 52x68 inches

So this inspired research on Supports Surfaces... and I found the full essay here: http://artcritical.com/2004/02/01/the-painting-undone-supportssurfaces/

I also enjoyed this very much! I love thrift store paintings.
Favorite: Man with No Crotch Sits Down with Girl. 22x29" (oil on canvas) by Miller

All of that lead to some drawing and thinking about what it means to have a painting that successfully works formalist and anti formalist techniques all at the same time. Yet another spectrum of opposing ideas.

Also, I'm excited about the list of fun things I'm going to put in my paintings. More details about that later.

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