FAILURE: Documents of Contemporary Art

This collection of essays is broken into parts. Dissatisfaction and rejection, idealism and doubt, error and incompetence, and experiment and progress. Clearly there are many facets to failure. Here are a couple essays from the first section that caught my eye.

Marcus Verhagen
There’s No Success Like Failure:
Martin Kippenberger//2006
"...a vastly restive and energetic figure who tipped everything he touched into a bilge of crude sentiment and doubtful humour, never missing a chance to rubbish a lofty view and always preferring the infantile to the measured and the pointless to the productive. He has chutzpah even in his self-doubt, in his endless parade of comically abject self-images. His work was a counterpoint to the Neo-Expressionist grandstanding of older German artists like Kiefer and Georg Baselitz, its trashy quality serving as a way of recognizing that various artistic projects, including painting and self portraiture, had reached a point of possibly terminal crisis while still using them as vehicles for passages of hammy, delinquent brilliance."

Emma Dexter
Authenticity and Forgery: Luc Tuymans//2004
"We need to view Tuymans' entire oeuvre as an act of remembrance, flitting as it does in its subject matter from the significant and collective to the incidental and absurd. And somehow because of this heterodox, over-arching schema, each painting becomes a space for remembering, while the space outside the painting, the empty gap between the canvases, represents all the stuff of the world that Tuymans does not depict, so becoming the space of forgetting or oblivion."

I would be happy to elaborate my enjoyment for these essays, but I'm on vacation in Florida, which means that high speed internet (if any) is difficult to find. I'll be driving back up the east coast to Connecticut and finally making my way to NY. More frequent posts to come when I've returned from tanning and collecting postcard worthy photos of scenery.

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