The Phillips

Today Will and I went to The Phillips Collection. Headlining exhibitions featured work by Wassily Kandinsky and Frank Stella which were very enjoyable.

These wall sculptures, by A. Balasubramaniam, were in the Phillips Project space. I really enjoyed how well these pieces were crafted into the wall. So subtle yet prominent.

Of course I spent some quiet time with the Rothko room, which got me in the mood for this painting:
By Helen Frankenthaler, 1928. Great shapes and color, so little paint. Which then reminded me of this artist (also very little paint):
Michael Krebber!

So then I was in an Abstract Expressionist mood (Though Krebber is not exactly AbEx...) and took some time at a local coffee shop to read about the contemporary Ab-Ex trend in Artforum.
"Such a re-rereading of Abstract Expressionism finds its echoes in work that pulls the gesture, the painted mark, and the viewing of images into performances or sprawling installations that upend ideas of agency and presence." —Michelle Kuo

Interesting day!
Then we came home and Will and I made mac&cheese (sharp white cheddar & gruyere), sauteed mushrooms with pearl onions, and watermelon honeydew blackberry salad with sugar and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Kill me, dinner was too good.

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