Excuse me? No.

It's November. So I've been here a little over 2 months and finally starting to feel settled in.  My new job at the ACE is going well, I like it and it likes me. 

A very respected friend came to New York this last weekend and I was happy that we both had time to catch up and chat amongst the wonderful de Kooning exhibition. I got in trouble for taking these during a previous visit. These two photos are hardly a glimpse of this retrospective. They indicate nothing of de Kooning's mastery of line, shape, color, and the figure.

The paragraph on the outside. This exhibition was good about informing you of the relevancy of each era without being overly explanatory. You easily moved through many rooms in chronological order. You could spend 3 hours in this exhibition without spending very much time with each work at all. 

This work I really appreciated, simply because I used to paint backdrops for plays, so it was interesting to see how he went about dividing up the same space. The security guards were much more assertive this time around, probably because people like me assumed the outside of the galleries were okay places to photograph.  A security woman to a viewer with a camera, "Excuse me? No."

Then we went to CANADA
We saw great little paintings by Lily Ludlow, that at first seemed a little comical but then honest and sincere. Colin said the art world is very interested in sincerity and authenticity these days. I thought of that when these works were described as such. I hope Colin is right.

I enjoyed how these works are about shape and color, and then after a moment it becomes clear how sensual and sexual they are. Very intimate. 

I am still reading! Slowly, because I've been painting, and it's difficult to make decisions about work when reading about why other artists make decisions about their work.  Many people have recommended that I read something that's not about art, I can't help it, I can't seem to motivate myself to read one of the many novels I have sitting around my room. I do think it's good advice though. There is still too much to see and not enough time. 

Time to paint.

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