Grisaille, The Dwarves, The Forests

Monday night I went to the upper east side to check out two shows, the first of which was called Grisaille, a word that generally refers to a painting that is made entirely in monochromotic greyscale.  This show was split between many different colored rooms, which did their job to make all of the work active, and created cohesion between works from so many different artists. This show is Part II of Grisaille, Part I is residing in the Luxembourg & Dayan Gallery in London, maybe I should ask Will to go have a look for me. 
This painting was probably my favorite, mostly because it was against a grey wall which created a nice constant to appreciate the grey in the work. Also because I enjoy how haunting and creepy this work is. By Rudolph Stingel, 2011, oil on canvas, 16 x 13 inches. 

The Dwarves, The Forests
McCarthy has been making work based on the theme of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves for a bit now, so having seen much of the imagery already, it was great to finally see it in person. 

This sculpture was my favorite in the show. Mostly because it felt the most lewd, sexual, and precarious. I'm still unsure about how that sculpture isn't falling over, it's so top heavy, and you can definitely feel the presence of that weight when standing near underneath. 

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