Brooklyn Art Museum: Sanford Biggers!

UM, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!   The last few days I've been running around with Fisk doing lots of merry merry things, one of which was going to the Brooklyn Art Museum.  A bit of a journey, but worth the effort! This museum is well known for it's ownership of one Judy Chicago's The Dinner Table - which was amazing to see in person.  I enjoyed this museum very much, the curation was a little odd in my opinion, paintings&sculptures were grouped based on subject matter and not based on art movement or historical location. It was mostly distracting, but then in some cases curious, like this photo above, courtesy of Fisk, where a beautiful white marble statue falls in front of an ominous wall piece in the back. Surely neither artist was intending for this sort of pairing, but this was unique none the less. 

Here are some pics from Sanford Biggers' first big New York Introspection.

What I enjoyed most about this exhibition was the amount of space the works were given.  The space really enhanced the many aspects of this show, utilizing the echoes of sound from the pianos, shadows that fall across empty walls, and light that shines across the room.  I most enjoyed how these assemblages felt awkward and strange to walk around and look at, but also felt entirely thoughtful and strong. The piano in the tree also played itself, this for me can never really escape notions of haunting, which seemed relevant to other aspects of the show. Steps on the walls allows you to imagine the presence of feet moving and dancing along the ground, while literal graphic images of slaves ships leave a thick presence of life lost, emphasized by the emptiness of the white walls surrounding it.  This show was eery and uncomfortably vacant for the amount of history and presence it was conjuring up.

A couple other pieces that struck my fancy!

A great painting by Glenn Ligon.

Laundry on the Floor no. 3, Sylvia Plimack Mangold.  Those of you who know me will understand why I enjoy this piece, I mean come on, such great folds!

Everything is just grand. Oh! Will tomorrow, more museums to come & the final chapter of SUBLIME sooooooon  (phew!)

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