This question was asked of me recently, to which I responded, no.  Of course the context is relevant, I've been working working working.  I like this word, because it can mean many things.  Working at/on/with: _______ blank,, anything really.  Let's fill in the blank. 
 I found this great Helen Frankenthaler catalogue from 1989 at the Strand. I bought it, a nice commemoration to a great painter.  Hence the show and tell.  Amalgam, 1988 7ft 1in x 9ft 5in
 Sugar Blues, 1988 7ft 7in x 8ft 11in

 Morpheus, 1988 9ft 6in x 7ft 5 in

A working girl means a happy studio! Paintings almost done in the background, new ones on the way, and a proper mess about the floor.  Things are going well! Today I will check out a variety of art, in the flesh, and bring more posts soon soon soon.

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  1. Hi, I am just doing some research on one of these works and was wondering what book this is, have tried to google but so many come up.
    Aka what is the date published etc.

    It would be amazing if you could help.

    Thanks so much,