Gagosian has this rule where you can't take pictures of the artwork unless you are in the picture, so here I am! This enormous space on 10th ave and 24th st in Chelsea had two large rooms and one enormous room filled with spot paintings. The only thing more dizzying than the paintings were how well they were branded, spot painting store in all. I spot DH. I guess. 

I enjoyed the spectacle, the paintings were well made, but, I think I enjoyed this video better:

There are tons of reviews, where all the same arguments about Damien Hirst get discussed all over again. I'm a little apathetic to it all really, Damien is fine, the paintings were fine, I'm not altogether that excited, I mean those were some really BIG spots.. 

TONIGHT Fisk and I are going to see Linotype: The Film. Should be good!!

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