JASON FOX: Eating Symbols

Happy Sunday! Wouldn't a nice way to celebrate the day be to take a look at some GOOD painting? Oh, wait.. I found some, just for you.  I found this show on artcards.cc and made my way over to check out the symbology.  I was lucky enough to be welcomed by a variety of vivid and well executed paintings. These paintings killed it.

Let's talk about why I think these paintings are great. The short answer, is because there is a lot going on.  This show was big and it was curated well. There were four separate rooms, the first on the right was filled with works on paper, the second filled with paintings, the third space in the back filled with what I like to call the "headlining" paintings, and a side room with more smaller works on paper and a tree. The paintings mostly grew larger as you walked deeper into the show, but the progression also translated to the work. 

In the first room you had a lot of works on paper that really felt like studies for the paintings, in the second room, that's where Fox's techniques made themselves clear.

There were paintings that were mostly geometric, with oils that floated across the surface of his canvas like watercolor. The colors were gorgeous and triangles did what they do, being referential to so many things, while keeping things simple.

Then you had paintings like these, full body color, great gestural mark making, and believe it or not, tin foil. That's right, that tin foil looks fantastic. A bearded man who reminds you of many bearded men: Lennon, Jesus, or your token hipster.  ( Yes I did just think of John Lennon before I thought of Jesus, maybe this is an indication of my priorities...? )  Then there is this wonderful wobbly peace symbol which befits perfectly notions of bearded men.

More paintings that were painted like this. OKAY, now this ladies and gentlemen is what  GESTURE looks like. Alright, so I know like 2 people who will understand that reference, oh well!  This is a dog, a red gestural, messy, rapidly painted dog. Also note, that white area, it's not white paint, hello primed canvas! Nice to see you.

In that third room things got serious. He mixed all three techniques, solid washes of color, recognizable figures and foil, and fantastic brushwork. This last painting was fantastic, the yellow in the top left corner was so delicate, the red so hot, and overall these works felt brave.  I mean, maybe I took a picture of nearly every painting, but it's great, I know this painter is one to remember. 

Oh! But there was that side room. Here are some photos of that. I'm not sure how I felt about that tree, it felt symbolic, so it felt like it fit within the themes of the show. Perhaps I would have liked it better if each room had some subtle sculpture. Having just one of anything makes me nervous. Here is a great painting show, and then here is one tree. Just one, with plastic flags on it. I MEAN, I did like the tree, more tree, that's all I'm saying. Also - the works on paper in this room did not feel like studies, in fact, they felt like they were done after all the large paintings in the show.

What a Foxy group of... wait, okay/// I won't torture with such a cheesy line, but you know cheese and rice, these paintings really impressed me!! 

OH! The internship is going well, to say I would be learning a lot would be the understatement of a life time. I've always been a proponent of learning by doing, and there is a lot of doing doing doing.

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