Krause Gallery/Mulherin + Pollard

There is always and forever more and more to see. Sometimes (okay, maybe more than sometimes) I'm stubborn and insist that I can remember things I can't actually remember.  Last week I thought I would lead Fisk and I on a gallery walk which, you know, failed, because I was relying solely on my poor memory of the gallery walk that I had recently taken with a very dear friend of mine who was visiting from Portland, OR.  Nonetheless we stumbled upon some interesting things. I'm determined to explore the Lower East Side gallery scene with more purpose (a gallery guide) in the future. 

Krause Gallery: OLEK with David E. Peterson "Synthetic Nature"


I had not taken a class with George Kuchar when I attended SFAI, but I can vouch through word of many many mouths that the experience was one of any student's favorite.  I was lucky enough to catch his retrospective at PS1 last Fall, and seeing more and more of his work around various shows in the city is such a nice way to pay respect to a man who spent a lifetime making fun/interesting/provocative works. 

I'll be participating in that group show (let's include everything and the kitchen sink themed) curated by Hennessy Youngman at Family Business in Chelsea.  I've even heard a rumor that someone will be having pizzas delivered to the opening. (Tuesday, April 3rd, 6-9pm)  PIZZA! Anyway, you should come see a new painting of mine, and come have FUN. Check out the video, oh and I'll be documenting and making blog posts as well. ;)



The Brucennial is an alternative, (artists are invited to participate), to the Whitney Biennial. Isn't there a lot of energy in this show? Also, there is no admission, which is... nice. The Brucennial felt like a Where's Waldo? of famous paintings, how many can you find? It was nearly impossible at times to find names for anything, but with the over all "who cares let's do what we want" attitude of this show, it didn't really matter. 

My favorite piece in the whole show was this great video. There was this old time jingle about the dangers of Vagina Dentata (if you don't know what this is, Google will be your best friend in helping you find the answer) which I thought was just amazing, I think the whole myth of Vagina Dentata is amazing really. SO many great paintings in this show. <3



Yes, I've been absent. Seeing & doing, doing + seeing, equals, sometimes not enough sharing. Anyway, I'll make up for it in the next week.  Without further delay: The Whitney Biennial.

Admittedly, really, not enough pictures to give you an actual idea of what this show involved.  Werner Herzog had a nice room with videos of musicians playing his favorite piece from his latest, Cave of Forgotten Dreams. (Which I still love)  This last video was my favorite, Joanna Malinowska, the dog was of course stealing the show with his curiousness through out her serious albeit mocking of performance art. Is that a Joseph Beuys imposter? Yes, yes. it. is.