Seeing art at the Armory feels much like being at a trade show.  Everyone has a white booth that galleries turn into different things. Some galleries make miniature versions of their normal spaces, with private back rooms, copiers, and extra work stored in back. Some galleries take the whole space to make an installation. Some galleries hung work on every wall and put couches in the middle for weary walkers. Everything smelled like lacquer, drywall, and fresh house paint. Being able to attend the show over the course of a couple days was great. The first day I went with Deborah, the second day I went with Fisk, and both days I had a great time. Overwhelmed is an accurate description of how you might feel, trying to pick out your favorites. Here are a few of mine, of course, not even close to all the works that I truly appreciated.

 Shirana Shabazi

 Amy Bessone

 Daniel Knorr

Erik Tidemann

Fabrice Hyber
Photo by Fisk

Mahomi Kunikata
Photo by Fisk :)

Paul Winstanley

Simmons & Burke

Tomory Dodge

Photos by Fisk

These were my favorite works of the whole show.  The artist is Brian Bress. These were videos that were perfectly placed at eye level on the wall. The figure on top felt like a real person when in your peripheral vision. The effect of drawing on the glass between yourself and the business man in the video created a strange feeling that you were looking through a window. It was creepy, strange, and sincerely, made me laugh. I loved it.

VOLTA recap soon! xo

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