Alright, alright, so Volta NY was like the Armory's hipper more fun little brother. I say this because Volta had great things like, windows, and because it was much smaller which actually made seeing all the work a real possibility.  Fisk and I went on Sunday afternoon, and had an excellent time discussing art.

Here are a few of my favorites from the show.

Mark Khaisman

Dean Monogenis

Karim Hamid

Kent Christensen
This artist was kind enough to chat with us about his work.

Jeremy Dean
Had a great conversation with this artist also, he seemed very eager to hear what we had to say! He deconstructed entire flags and attached each thread one by one.

Terry Haggerty 
(love him)

Christian Patterson

Carl Emanuel Wolf
(We realized these probably took forever to make, but still loved imagining what it would look like if one blew up. Probably all kinds of amazing.)

Ralf Dereich

Adam Sorensen
(&said hello to our friends from Portland!)

Michel Tuffery

Asgar Gabriel

The End! 

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