Affordable Art Fair 2012

So the Affordable Art Fair was this weekend, and I was able to score a couple of tickets so Fisk and I went over and took a look... 

Tim Garwood

Jessica JH Roller

Alaina Sullivan

Marcos Tamargo

Xavi Carbonell

Xavi Carbonell

Damien Hirst

Dale May

Dale May

Overall the attendants were much friendlier at this fair than the attendants at the Armory and Volta, this was nice, but I couldn't help but feel like this fair was a good lesson on how to make work that sells. There is an element of risk that I really didn't find in any of the work I saw, most of the work was easy to digest and understand. This doesn't necessarily make it bad nor good, I enjoyed the above works and I'm sure who ever buys them will love them.  I mean, there was no shortage of trendy Pop Art...  

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