So Last night was the big opening. The ratio of people to space in the gallery was sort of insane, though expected considering the amount of artists in this teeny tiny little show. Is Hennessy famous? Well he is now. So Brandon, Deborah and I went out to investigate and check out my new painting I made for the show.

There was a giant crowd surrounding the small entrance to the gallery. Things it reminded me of: The L train at 9 am on any given week day or being on the ground floor of a concert... so we waiting and inched closer and closer to the doors. We're almost there!

 The ceiling was filled with art too.

 A broken cup(piece of art)with a smile(irony?)

 At this point I thought, hmm perhaps my piece is not in the show. So then I took more photos of the ceiling.. still inching my way through the space...

 Then I found them. :) Tucked away, which I have no qualms about (they were safe).

 Here they are in my studio.

It was fun! Yes, I will say it, even though at times it feels like artists hate admitting that they had any fun. I had fun. So what. Hennessy was there being polite as ever, talking to everyone, which I appreciated. They had those spotlights to give everyone their own "15 minutes" oh Andy, no one ever forgets you. Some people performed, most people drank from private stashes of alcohol.  We missed the Pizza Bomb from one (SeanJosephPatrickCarney) but! Hennessy said it was a nice gift. The scene reminded Deborah of Party Girl, so then we watched Party Girl. Then Deborah wore a red shirt. And Brandon screamed so hard he spit. It was crazy clown time.

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