Nicelle Beauchene Gallery/Bosi Contemporary/Lesley Heller Workspace

The weather is getting increasingly better, Spring is blooming, and a couple days ago I found myself strolling through the Lower East Side looking at art.  Here's a bit of what's going on.

Nicelle Beauchene Gallery: Chris Wiley  Technical Compositions

Wiley makes best use of the geometric patterns in these photos, creating compositions that facilitate a lot movement inside of the image, while utilizing color to keep your attention. The ambiguity of the top and bottom photo were interesting for their ability to make the photo look almost 3 dimensional yet simple.

: Dean Dempsey Mutatio guest curated by Renato Miracco

It was really wonderful to see Dean's work up and curated so well in the space. Dean's ability to manipulate his photographs pre and post production is evident by his utilization of light, staging, and design. His near monochromatic photos create a desire for difference which encourages you to look for the subtleties of color and human form. The search for color runs parallel to a search for figurative & sexual definition, one that is just as difficult to pin point. This push/pull was compelling, as is the would be danger of the electric light bulb nearing the water inside a pool occupied with a child, leaving an ethereal feeling of danger in the air.

 David Humphrey
Lucky me, oh my, I also ran into some pretty great paintings.  I mean, look at this painting by David Humphrey. There are so many lines and shapes that pull and whip you around the frame, some colors falling back, other coming right forward, and yet, there is something special happening, that perfect little serious face painting into all this movement. It's so oppositional, full of strength and concreteness, while the other brush strokes so easily find their way around.

 Jennifer Reeves
Something about the minimal references, paste-like texture of the multiple square units,  and smudge of yellow and blue felt sincere yet humorous all at once. I have not found out if I love this piece or not, but it was interesting none the less.  

Laura Newman
This small painting has a nice triad of shapes that are interacting with one another.  Some that look touched by fingers, sharp and industrial, and others-organic. These shapes are referential to the space within the image, how it's being used to create composition and dimension.

Good. Day. 
Skeeball Championships tonight at Full Circle. Best of luck to DEATH ROLLS.<3

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