FAMOUS PAINTING: James Rosenquist & Others @MoMA.

So yes, I went to see the big Cindy Sherman exhibition at MoMA (no photos allowed) and to my surprise F-111 was on display! Lucky me. James Rosenquist is outstanding and one of my favorite painters, so to see such a seminal work of his was awesome. I took photos for you, that's right, just for you.

 A great aspect about the display of this painting was the addition of resource materials. It can be nice to see an artist go from resource to work of art, especially when the translation is so literal. Of course there was a lot of text explaining the relevancy of such a huge painting. 
"Through its expansive network of colliding visual motifs, unfolding across twenty-three panels, F-111 questions what the artist has described as 'the collusion between the Vietnam death machine, consumerism, the media, and advertising.' Its jumps of scale, surprising juxtapositions of fragments of imagery, and vivid palette exemplify Rosenquist's singular contribution to Pop art in the United States." 
Holler.  1964, of course, but nothing beats seeing works like these in the flesh. So since I was at MoMa I thought, okay, let's check out some other paintings too...
 Edward Ruscha, OOF, 1962, Oil on canvas.

 Alex Katz, Upside Down Ada, 1965, Oil on canvas.

Whoa! AND Felix Gonzalez-Torres! "Untitled" (Placebo) 1991. Security guards were helpful in telling us that we could take the candy. I took a few that I ate through out the day, a little lingering lemon taste.  Anyway, Cindy Sherman's photos were pretty incredible. I came to the conclusion that everyone and no one knows what Cindy Sherman really looks like, unless you've seen the Art21 about her.

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