Mike Kelley

OK, OK more sharing from ArtForum because well, there are interesting things that were said, and I like to pass on the interesting ideas. Interesting is most subjective, but whatever. Yes. Whatever. Mike Kelley, was an incredible artist, and the 6 artists who had things to say about him in May's Issue, had some really unique things to say about him. So, a small post about the late and great: Mike Kelley.

Michael Smith

A joke that Mike Kelley told on many an occasion:
So, this drunk is sitting on a bus.  A brunette gets on and pays her fare, and as she's about to head to her seat the bus driver turns to her and says, "Tickle your ass with a feather?"
"WHAT?!" cries the young woman.
"I said, typical Michigan weather," replies the driver.
"Oh," says the brunette. "Yes it is."
Ten minutes later, a blonde gets on, and as she's paying her fare, the bus driver turns, smiles, and says, "Tickle your ass with a feather?"
"Pardon me?!"
"I said, typical Michigan weather."
At this point, the drunk is beside himself with laughter. He leans toward the driver and says in a loud, slurring voice, "That's hilarious, I gotta try that!" To which the bus driver responds, "Be my guest."
Ten minutes later, a redhead gets on and pays her fare, and as she passes the drunk, he screams at her, "SHOVE A FEATHER UP YOUR ASS!" The woman turns around and says, "What did you say?!" To which the drunk replies, "LOOKS LIKE FUCKING RAIN!"

Tony Oursler

"Mike understood that history is possessed by those who write it, and he was determined to harness that power. All artists drag their pasts into the future, consciously or not, but Mike's brilliance lay in his ability to amplify the strong ideas so they resonated, shedding new light on the past and suggesting unexpected paths forward."

 Paul McCarthy

"...Mike said Mike said Mike said it was so blah Mike said it was so blah where did you call where did you call where did you call why why what can go what the P what can the matter what's the matter what can the matter and so black for later this day underneath your mother's house it's so black for later stand underneath your mother's for layers down underneath your mother's house it's so blah where's my mother where's my where's where's the microphone where is my phone where's my where's my mother where's my phone where is my mother where's my phone where is my father my father my mother where's my mother awake later at night after Mike's death"

 Kim Gordon

"Mike was a ceaseless worker, but he harbored dreams of pleasure that he was perhaps never able to attain.  His house turned into his studio, which he jokingly called his pleasure palace. I have so many memories of Mike Laughing, deep and loud and long; his laugh would make his whole body shake like a tunnel, a conduit.  The expressions, 'laugh yourself silly' and 'laugh yourself senseless' would, for Mike, mean 'laugh yourself ecstatic,' till you ached and tears streamed down your face."

Of course there is more about Kelley here --> http://www.mikekelley.com/ And of course we should do all we can to keep Kelley in our minds as we continue our art making process. Of course, a horse of course!!

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