PARIS: Grand Palais Beaute Animale

One of our favorite shows that we saw in Paris was Beaute Animale in the Grand Palais. I've wanted to go the Grand Palais ever since I took a history class about World's Fairs.  At the time, Universal Exhibitions were happening approximately every 11 years, changing location from city to city around the World and showcasing everything you could imagine, from technology and machinery, to food and carnival games. It was really a moment in history where the world equally recognized how interested they were in learning about each others culture, and these World's Fairs were incredibly huge, went on for months, and were one of the most exciting things that happened in each respective city.  The Grand Palais was built for the Universal Exhibition in 1900, in attempt to outdo the Eiffel Tower, which was built for the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1889. The Grand Palais now houses various art exhibitions as well as Science Museum and more.  No pictures were allowed in the show we saw, but that was okay because Fisk and I loved it so much that he bought the book!

The Grand Palais interior, which we were unfortunately unable to see through this exhibition. That was ok, because the exhibition was fantastic...

Alberto Giacometti, Le Chat

 Anonyme alleman, Les Oiseaux

Edouard Manet, Le Rendez-vous des chats

Jacopo Ligozzi

Jacopo da Ponte

Jean Jacques Bachelier, Chat angora blanc

Louise Bourgeois, Spider

Ludger tom Ring le Jeune

Pierre Bonnard, Le Chat blanc

Theophile Alexandre Steinlen, Chat sur un fanteuil

Vincent Van Gogh

It was pretty incredible to see so many well known artists and their paintings of animals, mostly because all of the works were just done so well. The way the show was curated was also well done, it progressed insects to household pets, to wild animals before ending with large sculptures of animals. There was a group of children there that really seemed to love the work, it was nice a crowd to be around.

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