PARIS: Musée du Louvre

The Louvre is like a giant monster of an art museum right in the middle of Paris. It reminded me of the Met here in NYC, only bigger. It felt like the curator said, "well we have this giant Palace, let's put the entire history of French painting and sculpture within it, plus whatever else we can fit". I'm sure that's not how it went down, and I by no means have any complaints about it, I suppose I'm just rambling about it because it was near impossible for me to wrap my brain around the idea of seeing it all. Fisk and I accepted our failure at the door and loved what little we did see. 

This is the back of the Louvre, we had to walk by this nearly everyday to get to the Seine.

  Incredibly tall and elaborate architecture all around.

 From the Collections royales Françaises

 Segmental arch.

 Wide arch.

 Round arch.

 Sculpture to the very top of the skylight.

Portrait de jeune homme, by Alessandro Filipepi dit Botticelli

La Crucifixion, by Andrea Mantegna

 Le Portement de croix, by Biagio D'Antonio

Creepy monsters from an Andrea Mantegna painting.

 The Mona Lisa, by Leonardo da Vinci

 We stumbled upon some great etchings by Goya.

 Rabbit slippers.

 I'm not sure anyone was more baller than Napoleon.

 Fabric pigs. 

 I loved this. Like, really? On the table?

 One chandelier? Pshh! I need like, 4. 

 École de Fontainebleau

We saw so many works of art. I wanted to just sit in there for hours and draw various paintings, capturing fabrics and objects from all of these incredible works of art. Seeing so many of these works in books really can't compare to seeing the real works of art, though I'm not saying anything new here. 

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