PARIS: Musée Rodin

I can't decide if this will be the last post about Paris. We did so much more than what was described in these posts. Walking up the Eiffel Tower (700stairs), delicious meals, fun bars, fun cafes, strolls through the cemetery, odd little stores, cheese shops, the Catacombs, and many many beautiful parks. Stopping now seems as good a time as ever, for there are new things happening and other posts to make! Either way, the Rodin Museum was one of my favorites, complete with a full and gorgeous garden of amazing sculptures. Most of the sculptures were housed in the Hôtel Biron, which I was sure was haunted. 

 Fisk was in love with The Gates of Hell, and for good reason.

It seemed like every single building in France is as beautifully and elaborately decorated as possible.

 Balzac, nude study.

 The Three Shades

 Portrait of Rodin

 Head of Balzac

 Iris Messenger of the Gods

Crouching Woman

My apologies for only half knowing the titles of all these works. I wish I could say some profound sentence about how great Rodin's sculptures are, but I can't. All I can say, is that if sculpture is about your relationship to the work of art in physical space, then Rodin knew so much about that space, and how people interact within it. Sometimes I have fantasies about making sculpture, but perhaps it's just me getting really excited about Rodin's work. I'm not going to lie, I get really excited about a lot of things. It's sort of my favorite thing.  ALSO why are all the Balzac sculptures so incredible???? Mysteries of life.

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