PARIS: Notre Dame

Notre Dame (which translates in French to "Our Lady", a reference to the Virgin Mary) was a five minute walk from where we were staying and as soon as we were settled, we said hello and checked it out. This cathedral is nearly 850 years old, which is a little insane to think about. 

Various Saints.

 Incredible stained glass windows.
 The beginning of admiring incredible architecture.

 This Saint was holding his own head. The adjacent angels were thinking...
Something serious in that direction, clearly keeping guard against evil.

Notre Dame was a great way to start our trip, and set the tone for the amount of decoration involved in nearly every French building in Paris. The size and amount of rigor that was put into the construction of this cathedral was breathtaking, literally every inch was filled with sculpture or decoration that no doubt full of meaning. I've always enjoyed how specifically symbolic Catholicism is.

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