Fact: I have never been to Europe & I have never had my own show in NYC.
Fact: Both of these things are happening, very soon.

Today I'm off to Paris with Fisk!! A birthday present (best birthday present in the world) that will undoubtedly give me enough memories to last a lifetime. Things I'm looking forward to (everything!): croissants, wine, cheese, and ART.  I am not bringing my computer on this trip, which feels liberating. TRUST that when I get back, there will be many posts about art from Paris for you. :)

In other remarkably fantastic news, my internship is over, and Brenda has kindly offered for me to use her space for a 1 night show! I'm so glad I've been in the studio, I have new paintings to show and am really excited for an opportunity like this.  Here's the release!

Everyone is invited! See ya next week!

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