Today I braved the incredibly hot and muggy weather to walk through Chelsea before work. It was much needed, because since the summer has been around I haven't walked through many galleries at all. (sun+heat+humidity=instant headache) Bravery today and happily enough I survived from one air conditioned gallery to the next. I snapped a couple photos of cool things.(Highlights) 

Gladstone Gallery:
Requiem for the Sun: The Art of Mono-ha
Curated by Mika Yoshitake

This show was really stunning. The sculptures were scattered around the room in a way that drew your attention to each of them individually and as a whole. Your relation to the size of the works mimicked the feeling one might have when walking among boulders. These works made me want to be around boulders. 

David Zwirner:
Stand still like the hummingbird
Much too simple, doubtless.  But such is the nature of the real... Ought we not first learn to fly backward too, or stand still in the air like a hummingbird?
-Henry Miller
 Mason Williams

 Alan Uglow

Zwirner is always well curated, we'd expect nothing less.  The paintings by Alan Uglow "adhere to a minimal language while they are also curiously suggestive, playful, and personal." I would agree, I think the illusion is simple, elegant even, and I enjoyed looking at it.  It was easy to digest.  Williams's life size silkscreen of a Grehound bus added a magical presence that seemed worth photographing.  Tongue-in-cheek, the theme for this summer group show.

 Family Business! <3 Artist books galore. 

Oh! And look what's on the the cover of Cabinet- I noticed this at Printed Matter(more amazing artist books) - Skeeball!  

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