I have a love/hate relationship with Summer. The light is fantastic for painting, but the humidity and heat are just awful. This week I've managed to get some painting done, (more today in a little bit!) and here's a little example of what's going on.  I may be a little vacant in the next coming weeks BECAUSE some of my friends are coming to town! Not a moment too soon, because I was missing them! Marc, Will, and Colin will be in town and I'm looking forward to having them around for a short week. THEN next Wednesday I'll be going to California to visit my family and more friends. Of course I'll be keeping both eyes open on my trip to bring some nice images of artworks back to you, but as this is a vacation, I probably won't be stressing about it too much. However, this week there kind of are a lot of things I would like to see. I'd love to see the Yayoi Kusama exhibit at the Whitney, as well as pop into a few galleries to see new things that are up and up. I'll do my best to keep things updated. Have fun! I know I did last night at Skeeball! <3

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