DESIGN & ART: Utopias and Collectives

Art and Reality//1996

This essay begins with the following;

"Could one imagine art which had nothing to do with persons?
Could one imagine art which had nothing to do with other persons?
Could one imagine art which had nothing to do with concrete situations?
Could one imagine the existence of concrete situations without the existence of things?
Could one imagine concrete situations with person in which the behavior of persons had no significance?"

These phrases immediately set the terms that art is directly related to persons and situations. Evident through logic, art could not exist without either.  The previous phrases encourage you to imagine the possibilities of art without either, however, seemingly impossible. N55 asks for a mathematical proof-like example for how art could exists without the previous. It cannot be proven and N55 has little to do but assume the following as truth;

"Therefore we now know that:

When one talks about art one must always talk about:
Persons and their meaningful behavior with other persons
and things in concrete situations
or about corresponding factors with the same significance
and the same necessary relations.

This knowledge enables us to talk about art in a way that makes sense, and without allowing habitual conceptions, social conventions and concentrations of power to be of decisive importance to our experiences."

In admitting the obvious relationship between art and meaningful behavior with other persons & concrete situations N55 sets a standard by which a conversation about art can truly begin. An honest platform to start discussion is not only conducive to communication, but parallels general aspects of design. All design begins with a set of concrete terms surrounding persons & concrete situation.  It was this parallel to design, as well as N55's assertive honestly that intrigued me about this essay. 

After reading, I was happy to explore http://n55.dk/Index.html which encouraged engaging manuals for me to explore...

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