My Favorite Thing About Skeeball.

Last night was Championship Sunday at Full Circle Bar. It was the 20th skeeson in what many of us are very familiar with, New York's very own Skeeball league.  I met John Fisk at Full Circle Bar, and like most people who meet him - I was struck by his sincerity and enthusiasm (and now his great mustache), how he cares about others, and the amount of heart and soul he puts into the Skeeball community.

 While those who are unfamiliar may find my use of the term community odd, but those of us lucky enough to be involved know that our community is rare. Skeeball is a community of genuine people. One that I never imagined could exist, but does. Upon entering Full Circle Bar for the first time, you might not notice it at first, you'll think everyone is just in a great mood that night, but if you walk into the bar on any league night, any time of the year, you'll find a room full of awesome. People who will ask how you are, not for the sake of asking, but the sake of caring. People who will listen to your stories, help you with advice. A room full of talented multidisciplinary individuals, all with various careers and lives beyond Skeeball. A room full of people with heart, and that heart, is what makes Fisk stand out.

Fisk is an excellent designer, and his heart penetrates deep (that's what she said) into the community. In ways I'm sure most people aren't aware of. Fisk designs nearly all promotional items for Skeeball, you could even argue, that he's developed, over the course of 20 skeesons the entire aesthetic of the Skeeball league. The Skeeball logo, the BBNC posters, and every other idea the Skeeball geniuses come up with.  If there is anything I know, it's that Fisk doesn't design any of it for his portfolio, he does it all, because he loves that community. That community means a lot to him, and when you love something that much, making the art just comes easy. 

Now, if you were at Championship Sunday last night, you already know this. Last night Death Rolls won their first Mug. Snakes on a lane is a superb roller, keeping the average high. Doc is nice and steady, a possible veteran of the two, but maintaining the 40. And Fisk? Well, watching him win the mug for the first time is like watching someone put the icing on top of the most beautiful cake that is Skeeball.  A victory for someone who gives his heart to the community, for someone who forever cheers and motivates all players on the league, who wants nothing but to see the people he cares about happy and having a great time. 

This is all probably a little too sentimental - but I can't help it. My favorite thing about Skeeball isn't the machine, the balls, or the game really - it's the community of people who make it awesome.  I feel so lucky to be a part of it.

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