Dan Hernandez @ Kim Foster Gallery


The strength of this show is in the opposition in meaning between the book of Genesis and Sega Genesis.  Combining 2 very different styles can make for humorous and fun works of art. While it seems completely intentional that the artist married the colors of both styles to fit harmoniously, I don't think this works as an advantage to the work. The contrast in color and style would have made them more engaging. Also, I can see it's intentional to make these works look like relics, but again I think heightening the differences between both genres would have made for more interesting things for your eyes to look at. Painting the aspects from the book of Genesis, and then transferring the digital aspects would create an interesting dynamic.  These works are clever, it was great to dig around to see special moments where angels are blasting people with lazer beams, and the show was really well hung (ha).

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