It's September - and I won't pretend not to be excited about the change. Everyone is buzzing, you can feel it in the air.  This last chapter in Design&Art seems to be about evidence.  The essays are less direct and more about design in action. 

David Bourdon
Ruscha as Publisher (or All Booked Up): Interview with Ed Ruscha//1972

This essay was simple, Ruscha discussing his artist books. The reason these books exist within a design book has all to do with their content. Each book is an example of a multitude of similar things, which inherently reflects on the design of these structures.


It feels of little surprise that it would take an artist to step back and look at the patterns and design of gas stations, buildings, and parking lots in order to pronounce their variety and almost collective subconscious regarding ideas of design. Additionally each of these books have roots in aspects of Southern California culture, where gas stations, the Sunset strip, and parking lots have all to do with our relationship with the automobile - a relationship that lives and breathes desperation dependence and love throughout the many streets of Southern California.

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