Matthew Cusick @ Pavel Zoubok Gallery


What is the perfect amount of text about a show? It differs, from show to show. Usually I hate when there is very little text about the show, sometimes I hate when there is so much text that you don't really care to read. Either way, looking happens first, and text later. When Adriana and I walked into this galley we were really stunned by the craftsmanship of these works. Cusick has been making work like this for 10 years, so it's safe to say that he's nearly mastered this technique.  I couldn't help but really enjoy looking at these. The complicated nature of the maps creates compositional cues with color and shape that are hard to ignore. There is a sense of discovery in looking from afar and coming up close to find different lines of latitude marking particular places and parts of the sea. They were extremely engaging. Cusick seems obsessed with the material nature of these works, I think it's a great thing - very few artists will commit themselves to such physical labor when there are other more immediate ways to work.  This show had quite a bit of text, and after reading it, I wish I had taken more pictures of the portraits that Cusick made - it seems most of his important content lies in those images, the waves (pictured here) are not spoken about too much. Great work.

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