Matthew Lusk @ Zieher Smith Gallery

Last Thursday night kicked off the Fall art season - so Friday morning my friend Adriana and I went around to check things out in Chelsea.  Matthew Lusk raised funds to make his first show happen on Kickstarter (which is pretty amazing) and it was great to see what he accomplished. Here's what I got:


When I showed Fisk images of this show he said, "A lot of that stuff looks like it could be in a trash pile." I can't really disagree, but my thought is, that's probably the point. The political undercurrent of this show reflects that ever present economic downturn that totally feels like garbage.  The space was utilized well to create feelings of strange displacement. I enjoyed finding the random assortment of art items being scattered along next to bags of money lying around. Trying to make a bunch of pseudo paintings and sculptures work in this environment felt like a metaphor for the art world itself- how do works of art fit in our local American society now that the political climate is a bit extreme?, displaced and strange I'd say. That turkey on the broken arm was one of my favorite parts of the show, as were all the random and subtle references to different art genres. Well done.

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