Omar Chacon & Richard Tuttle

A step through these two galleries revealed some familiar faces...

Margaret Thatcher Projects:

Omar Chacon
Bacanales Tropicales

I never know how I feel about these works. They're nearly impossible to forget because of the way that they're made, but I can't say that they've changed much since 2004 - the first time I saw them. None the less, I'm glad this artist is doing well, it's always nice to see the work. I would love to talk to him about his process/concept in person, I'm sure he'd have a lot to tell me.

The Pace Gallery:

I snapped this photo before, (oops!), no photos! BUT, this is a pretty rad sculpture, and so were the rest of the ones I could not document.  Also, the internet is spoiling me, I hate that anything has to be a secret. :/

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