Rafael Lozano-Hemmer @ Bitforms Gallery nyc

One of my favorite things about visiting galleries the morning after a big night is how the space feels so quiet yet there is a lingering excitement about the work. This show is much cooler than it looks, and it looks pretty cool.
Voice Array

The work at the top converted sound into light, you pushed a button, record yourself saying something, (anything) and it added your words to the beginning of 288 recorded voices. It sounded, as expected, like an ever increasing conversation. The light was just a great way to visualize sound. What does sound look like? I can't say, but this was a great experiment. The other contraption was a fancy machine that pushed air into a paper bag. It was quiet in the gallery, so the subtle crumpling sounded loud and strange - I can't imagine I would have had the same experience on opening night.  Great call on the gray walls, white becomes so exhausting.

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