We slipped into October like it was no big deal - I just killed a spider with my ArtSmart card. Hello.  
This show is the last of 2 nights of gallery viewing. Sure enough, just as these photos come to an end, more will be produced tonight. Open. Season. 

"The gallery gives over both of its spaces to the infectious work of this artist, who explores "the cultural neuroses surrounding image-making today"; in other words, painting in a post-painting-is-dead world. On view are gridded canvases alluding to the proto-Pop works of Rauschenberg and Johns, as well as a series of "face paintings"—which are more or less exactly what they sound like."
I like what Time Out New York has to say about these works. I'm not sure I can elaborate. Fisk thought it seems like a lot of time went into the thought and culmination of the work. I can't disagree, we both really couldn't argue with the solidity of the compositions. The marks that were made were engaging but felt fast. This isn't a bad thing, it's probably why these works felt charismatic.

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