Leonardo Drew @ SIKKEMA JENKINS & CO.

Carrie joined me for a day of gallery hopping through Chelsea and we stumbled upon this great show. It can be fun to lose yourself in an installation like this. The show smelled so good, the materials were charged with evidence of life, and walking under or over debris created a precarious sensation that kept everything exciting.

Upon first arrival I didn't have my camera. Second time around there were people filming for Art21. This is great news, I'd love to see an Art21 episode about this artists. What made the show even more likable was the natural artist statement that was released with the show. 
"Rooted in historical evidence, Leonardo Drew's abstract sculptural compositions are emotionally charged reflections on the cyclical nature of existence.  From the eroded fibers of human industry and the tide of urban development to the awareness of ourselves as part of the fabric of a larger universe and a connection to all things, Drew exhumes the visions of the past in a mirror of organic reality that reveals the resonance of life. - the nature of nature."
I feel like all of that could be paired down to that simple four word phrase, the nature of nature. It's all encompassing - perhaps that's why Drew needed the specificity of the first part of the paragraph. Delightful - just a single paragraph about the conceptual foundations of the work. Simple and understandable. 

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