Mark Flood @ Zack Feuer

There wasn't too much information on this show, and the artist statement did little to clarify what the point of the work was.  In this article Melissa Smith makes Flood appear to be an artist who doesn't like to come out of hiding or explain himself or his art. This persona seems to fit the bill, though, to be honest,  I liked the work better before I knew all this. The couch and Life magazines felt ironic and humorous sitting in this gallery space on a coffee table in front of this hideous couch. Of course we could sit on it if we liked, to watch a video with this sparkly yet offensive painting underneath. The paintings were quite gorgeous, and the process for how to make these was evident by the work itself. At first it was a little difficult to figure out, but the process of laying the netting, painting over it, and it's removal was the only way it could have been done. These works were so tall, which for some reason made them feel like a group of negative people. I can't really elaborate more than that. Nor could I really tell you what this work is about. It seems like he's making fun of the art world but in a serious way. Considering the space he's showing in, it seems like he's doing a good job, and like we're eating it up.

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