Peter Lamborn Wilson @ 1:1

Fisk and I went to this opening and we both immediately understood the kind of visual language that was happening here. Religious like altars and works of art that forced icons from different cultures to clash so close together. This did many things, most notedly it disempowered them, and also made the aesthetic of religion seem a little odd.  The work created a space where symbolism felt mundane, and criticism provoked.

It was especially nice to feel this way and then discover the history of the artist. Peter Lamborn Wilson has a rich history as an anarchist writer.  This fact doesn't surprise me, but explains most readily the motivation behind the work. There were many special moments in the show, two of my favorites were the pair of green glittered shoes, and this fruit&vegetable man.  In one aspect a pair of shoes turns into a religious relic, and in the other, the vegetable man becomes religious icon. The humor and power of that turn around was comical and engaging. 

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