Zone C: Residents in Zone C can expect a low likelihood of evacuation if a hurricane is expected to reach NYC   SWEET.  Nathan, Alise, Fisk and I made it back from Salem just in time for Hurricane Sandy. It seems that this Hurricane is much worse than Irene, but many people seem less worried. It's ok because I'm worried enough for everyone.. lol.  Anyway! It's a good thing I just bought 2 new books (The Shining, and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest) and Fisk has an endless supply of movies to keep us entertained. 

Before all that, I thought I'd share the most creative art related material found from our spooky endeavor in Salem. I wish we went to the art museum, but to be honest, I didn't even think about it until I returned to New York! Next time. Next time. 

 The tour guide said this scene was made up.

 Pretty sure this is the face of evil.

 Blood projectile from mouth...


 Miniature hanging..

We went to the Witch History Museum and took a tour of the Witch Hunt which had a lot of sculptures set up to help us visualize the tale. They were pretty hilarious/scary/amazing. Which is the best one? Which witch is which?? Which. Okay.

OH, and just for fun. Here's a picture of what Sandy looks like:

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