Thick as a Brick: Gibb Slife

My first impression of this show at Fitzroy Gallery was that it was incredibly clean cut. The space was big and the walls were immaculate - which I suppose is to be expected of the gallery's first show in their new space. Gibb Slife feels like the perfect artist to open up the space, the work was incredibly confident and well made. 

These paintings felt well manicured, carefully referencing specific genres of painting. A crumpled paper speaking to the illusionary nature of painting, and abstract painting with a touch of realism to highlight that well known relationship, and a couple of ironic sculptures to make the whole show seem less serious than it appeared to be. This work said: here's what's happening, but let's not take it too seriously. My only complaint was that there was nothing about the craft that was impressive, everything was done just well enough for what was needed, which is not really a bad thing at all. Careful pop culture references kept your eyes interested, as did good compositions. As a whole, many of the works were nice to look at.  

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