Wendy White @ Leo Koenig Inc.

To quote Barry Schwabsky, "There is a great deal of bravado in her art, and sometimes a kind of frantic energy, but also fragility, self consciousness and doubt - sometimes a sense of half exhausted, half ecstatic dizziness. The paintings' repleteness seems all the greater for their ability to encompass emptiness." For a brief moment I tried to make sense of these works in relationship to pre- existing categories. The artist statement that the gallery provided was long and unhelpful in helping me to discover what it was about these works that compelled me. Schwabsky captures the essence of the work. I'm not at a point where I'm capable of breaking his thoughts down and how they directly relate to specific aspects of each work. I'm in the phase of art production (and regular painting) where it's best to see and do, they'll be more to talk about soon.  Sitting with these works and the way they live. 

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