Daniel Turner @ The Journal Gallery

The Journal Gallery just opened their new space on 106 North 1st Street in Brooklyn. Apparently the last space was very small, this space was huge.

Daniel Turner

The tables in this show reminded Fisk and I of Science class, albeit much cleaner and refined. The grime and dirt create an interesting opposition to the long clean planes of the tables. The openness of the space gave you plenty of room to see the works in different capacities, as well - the lay out of the space was well done, it easily moved you around.  The chemical rust like spill on the ground lends itself to the nature of similar spills through out life. Ideas of street oils, rusty grime on old buildings and fences, chemical spills. The general feeling of decay against the crisp white walls and open space emphasized the deeper hues in varying chemicals. The artist statement had a few descriptions of elements from the periodic table, possible definitions of the materials before our eyes. 

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