Doug Parry (A Comedy of Terrors) @ Art 101

I spend a lot of time with Fisk in Williamsburg and it occurred to me that I hadn't really explored too many art galleries there. So I google mapped a couple and Fisk and I investigated.

A Comedy of Terrors

This show was titled "A Comedy of Terrors" by Doug Parry. I like to go blind into shows and discover ideas and aesthetics before text, but this titled couldn't be ignored. It felt incredibly dramatic. So I kept reading the artist statement.  Parry spends about a thousand words telling us what his experience was like working on this body of paintings. This series began as allegorical still life, before Parry realizes that painting is a joke, before he realizes that he is now painting ironically, before he realizes that his completed body of work is ironic in a serious way. I wish I could feel guilty about describing the work in one run on sentence, but I dont. The work fails to activate any triggers that might lead your mind into understanding something allegorical about the work. Oh yea, and don't hope to find any real explanation of what allegories might be happening in the paintings, because there was no more information about what allegories Parry might have been referring to.  As always, I'd love to have a conversation with the artist about what it is that he's doing, I'm sure that would clear a lot of this up. 

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