The Miniature Gallery @ Art 101

Art 101 had a miniature artworks gallery that I just adored. How could tiny pieces of art not be admired? Works must be less than 6 inches on either side to be included. The gallery is just as seriously curated as any other, works hung in Salon style, and closet door to let you in. 

 A painting of an air vent. Clever. 

This last painting was my favorite. If I had $350 dollars to spend, I would have easily bought it. It's just this happy little walrus, on the beach or enjoying the ambiguous sea snail shapes in the air. What a tiny treasure. I wish I had the names of each of the artists I'm featuring, but I didn't feel like annoying the attendant that much. I'll probably return just to visit the miniature works of art.  I wonder what kind of miniature works of art I would make, or my friends would make. I bet it would be a cool miniature show, and we could try to put it in a miniature gallery, and then we could shrink ourselves into miniatures and drink miniature wine. I'm getting carried away, what I mean to say is that I liked it. 

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