The Turner Prize

Contemporary artists under 50 win it. It's a big deal in Britain. I know nothing of the 4 artists who made the short list. Here are the artists and their works!

Luke Fowler "All Divided Selves" 2011
Perhaps Fisk could have done a better job trying to find a place online to view this work. Vimeo, Hulu, Netflix, Youtube, and various illegal download sites fail to give me even a few minutes of this documentary. Do you have a link? I'd love to see it. I found an excellent description of the work here, http://www.ica.org.uk/32711/Film/AFC-Luke-Fowler.html.  I'll have to keep an ear and eye out for when this video may be showing in the states. A documentary about a somewhat mystical psychologist sounds engaging, and after listening to Luke talk about the genre of documentary film (in this video) I'm sure I would have enjoyed it very much.

Paul Noble


A detail of a drawing... 

 Public Toilet

Welcome to Nobson

I have not seen Paul Noble's work in person, but after my investigating online, I can't wait. The narrator of this video compares his drawings to Hieronymus Bosch, which feels like an incredibly bold statement, but after looking at how insanely detailed and somewhat absurd the works are, I don't really feel like I could disagree. The music in the video is pretty comical as well.  It's hard not to love a drawn world based on well understood cultural mythologies where the main figures resemble poops. Are those poops any better than we are? Who knows. Perhaps Noble. 

Spartacus Chetwynd 

This person video taped a large portion of the performance by Spartacus Chetwynd. There is so much going on. Participating in an artist's performance requires a kind of acceptance and trust in the artist & unknown. For this, participatory performance art is always something I'm intrigued by. I would have much rather participated, of course that would have made an ideal situation from which I could begin to talk about the work. Another video of the piece:

And Finally, the winner winner...

Elizabeth Price

The Guardian has a clip of the piece here. And Price talks about her work here.

Adrian Searle writes, "The focus and drive of Price's work, the cutting and the atmosphere, mark her out. There are silences, bursts of music, a terrific play of words and images, and switches in tempo that take us from an analysis of church architecture to a reconstruction of the fire itself by the Manchester authorities. Her use of footage from the fire itself never feels voyeuristic or meritricious.  She does a great deal in 20 minutes. Its complexity has stayed with me." I regret that I have little of my own experience to add to the words of others.  The Turner Prize is meant for a British visual artist under 50, so there is little I can do to see much of this work in person. Except for flying to Britain, which I would love to do, though not possible at the moment. The video seems compelling, and the words of others who have seen the work feel good enough for now. 

&just for fun, and 8bit of Smooth Criminal:

Fisk and I are going to a lecture tonight: John Contino. Thoughts on this shortly no doubt. 

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