Today was excellent because I cleaned up my studio, updated my website, and finished applying to Grad school.  Time for a celebratory blog post about what Fisk and I have been up to over the Christmas Holiday!
Aimee's going away party at FCB. We'll miss her!!
After escaping a man vomiting on the Subway: Snowman.
I wrapped presents for Fisky! 
We watched Will Vinton's Claymation Christmas.
Alise, Nate, Rautio, Ren, and I making Tamales!!
Masa for days. 
Chilis for days.
It took me 5 hours to scrape all this pulp from the Chilis. 
My sauce was perfect with the meat for filling tamales!
140+ tamales. Fisk made sure we all had enough booze.
Made a snow woman!!
We played fun games with friends!!
Eat a dick at 3:00pm. 
So excited to read these!  Love Fisk. 
Santa gave us Diablo III,  it was bloody, we've beat it already.
Best shirt in the world, from Fisk!
 Xmas lights we saw in Astoria at Mike & Laura's party.
This person wins at Christmas lights.
I love Christmas. 



The weekend before last Fisk and I made a quick trip to Richmond, VA to visit VCU.  Most of these photos were taken by Fisk, who is a much better photographer than I. 

The James River!

In front of a great Donald Sultan painting at VMFA. Lemons, 1984

VCU had a great show of paintings by Ralph Pugay, including the rave below. 

Cattle Rave, acrylic on canvas, 22" x 25", 2013.

Cattle Rave detail.

Aside from this trip I've recently been interning at Brooklyn Art Space, which has been fun.  I've also been spending many hours making my applications to grad school perfect, resting a strained knee, reading Sacred Economics, and watching documentaries about Absinthe, Ayahuasca, and Wolves. 


VSC Part 4: Work I Made

It was really important for me to do whatever I wanted with my art in Vermont.   I took Gina's Blanket Energy & My Blanket Energy to Vermont as a starting point. All works below are watercolor, colored pencil, watercolor pencil, and acrylic. 

Gina's Blanket Energy.

Gina's Blanket Energy, detail.

My Blanket Energy.

My Blanket Energy, detail.

I painted a really loose mural of a giant cactus on my wall and really loved the shapes that were made.  They were slightly phallic and moved upward and downward which created great movement.  I used those shapes to illustrate my idea of what a phantom orgasm would look like, which turned into the two below works. 

Phantgasm Red, 22x30 inches.

Phantgasm Blue, 22x30 inches.

I elaborated on that theme and made the below triptych, each is 15x20 inches...

Ghost Sex Triptych.

XOXO/Orgasm, 48x36 inches.

XOXO/Orgasm Detail.

Raz, 15x20 inches.

Myself in front of my Giant Cactus Mural.  For XOXO I wanted more space to work out some of the techniques I had tried on the smaller works.  With Raz I had a lot of fun and took a lot of liberty with its construction.  I was able to bring my mural to a loose but finished place getting some great transparency with the blue I chose. 

Taking the month to think about nothing but making art was really a wonderful experience.  I had a lot of fun and met a wonderful group of people.  I'm so grateful to my family, friends, and Fisk for doing so much to get me there.  I can't imagine a better way to recharge artistically than this.  Now it's time to finish grad school applications, after our trip to Richmond, Virginia this weekend... 


VSC Part 3: Open Studios

The Wednesday before our departure we had open studios where everyone could check out what was made.  Here are a few things I was able to snap a photo of.  It was great to see all the work everyone had made. 

Some messy and wonderful sculpture and painting by Julian Watts.

Drawing and sculpture by Stanley Matengwa.

Installation by Abbey Rich.

A painting by Virginia Crawford Pierrepont.

Collage materials/Painting/Button from the life of Jenny Endresen.

A fantastic sculpture by Nick Mayer.

A painting by Andrew Fish.

Some fun works by Tom Cote.

Portraits by Emma Fineman.

Lovely drawing and detail of a painting by Celan Bouillet.

Detail of a drawing by Hai-Hsin Huang.

A work by Nikita Gale.

My Magic Cactus Mural.