2012 is Dead to Me.

 Went to Connecticut and stayed at a perfect B&B.

Saw so much art with wonderful people.

My beautiful mom and aunt came to visit me.

We played skeeball and made a great air band.

We went on a Space Cruise.

I got belayed and went rock climbing.

I went to PARIS!!

I had my first show in Chelsea!

I won all the tickets at Coney Island.

I went to California.

We went to Salem.

Survived a hurricane. 

Obama won!

I had another show in Chelsea.

...finished up the year something nice.
I also read a ton of books and saw so many great works of art, both invaluable experiences. 


I just brought the best of my art supplies to Brooklyn Art Space to start my 6 month residency. Tomorrow morning I'll wake up early to start making my plans for how I'm going to use my time here. I can't say I'd want to start my year off anywhere else.

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