Art 101: Elizabeth Riggle

Fisk did some new design work for Painted Lady: American Fair, a food vendor working out of Artists and Fleas in Williamsburg. On our way over to try some of their food (they have amazing grilled cheese sandwiches, homemade pickles, and I even got to try my first fluffer-nutter. So delicious.),  we decided to peek into Art 101 to see what was going on. Lucky for us there were some pretty great paintings by Elizabeth Riggle. The work reflects her beginnings to a larger body of work. Below are some of the works we enjoyed. 

I love square paintings. These I enjoyed because of how the compositions carefully fit within each frame. The brushwork implies a lot of movement, which is nice to see when studying such solid vertebrae.  The work is drawing a parallel between the anatomy within the body and the anatomy of an Opera.  This feels like an apt connection so far, the artist happened to be in the gallery, and made it clear to us that this theme was at its beginning. We'll keep and eye for the bulk and body of this work in the coming months. 

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