BAS Artist Talk: Trudy Benson

Brooklyn Art Space had an artist talk featuring Trudy Benson.  Having seen Benson's work before, I was looking forward to listening to Benson speak.  She began by talking a little bit about works of art that had interested her, planets that had interested her, and how those influences visually related to paintings she had made. 

The picture above is an image from an installation. Now that I think of it, I forgot to ask her how she felt her usage of tape enhanced the content of her paintings. Oh well.

Of content, there were two primary aspects of the work that asserted their authority. One being the obvious devotion to formalism and the second strength is how the paint visually mimics technological affects normally found in photoshop and other paint programs. Both of these are strong assets that create a wide range of vivid and engaging subject matter. 

There is a strong presence of graffiti and 80's culture - perhaps just a subconscious reference to her mentors, Benson admitted that she enjoys many artists of the 80's - which adds another element of color and frame of reference for your eyes to enjoy. 

Benson's talk was informative and I enjoyed the time she took to explain a bit about her process. I would have liked to talk to her more at length about how the work she makes relates to her personally, there seems to be a connection - through physical layers of masking and revealing in the work.  

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