Today has been an odd but great day. I wouldn't change a thing, and I haven't been able to get the following artists out of my head recently. I saw work from each of them at MoMA as a part of the TOKYO exhibit they have on level 6. Next to the Inventing Abstraction show, which is fantastic but they're pretty much just bragging about all the amazing art they have... which,  you know, is what any major art institution should do if they have amazing work, show people! OK. Back to Tokyo, here are a few of many artists who made my eyes happy. 

Shiraga Kazuo

Shiraga Kazuo is most well known for being a part of the Gutai Group. The Group, which began in 1956, influenced the Fluxus movement and had a dramatic impact on how we conceptualize art. His powerful works are incredibly valuable to the history Japanese avant-garde. 

Nobuo Sekine

Nobuo Sekine had some excellent works that were similar to what is shown above, upon further investigation I discovered that the artist is also responsible for the wonderful sculptures below.  He is well known for participating in the Mono-Ha movement which is closely related to Land Art, Fluxus, and the Conceptual Art movement. 

Kiyoshi Awazu

Do I even have to say anything? Kiyoshi Awazu was an incredible graphic artist. These designs are bright and vivid, strange and weird, and pretty perfect.  Look at this poster for The Crying Whales. I don't even know what it's about, but I love it. Largely influenced by pop culture and urban design, Awazu made an astounding name for himself. This is great graphic designer.

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